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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scrap skirt

Hi. I made my very first SCRAP SKIRT!!!!! BA DA DA DAAAAAHHH!!!
it's my new...second cousin(?)'s Christmas present. My cousin's new baby. Second cousin? I think so...
Anyways, I'm hoping that I didn't make it too small. I mean, she's only like 2 months old or so, but she's pretty small, but I'm hoping it's nor tooooo small...the elastic on the waist is kinda tight...but whatevs. I might save that one for the first step pregnancy resource center's Christmas baby shower and brunch. There are 2 soon-to-be-mums expecting baby girls. So I might just give the tiny one to one of them, and make a bunnee for the other or make a skirt for the other and make a bigger skirt for Skylar :)
I haven't held her yet :( I feel bad. But hopefully I will soon. Alright. I will ttyl.
No pluffies today, but maybe soon.

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