bunnees and bracelets boxes, and bits and pieces and barbs and barbies and broken bales

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nothing new yet

I made 4 new sculptures, but two of them won't work the right way. One won't stand up, and the other won't either. I need more sculpey. I just made them litle platforms to standon and glue them onto it. But I only have 3 little platforms that I have to bake, so I have to wait until I go to Wal*Mart sometime. I haven't been there in like, 3 weeks.
I made a few more bunnees too. I just can't take any pictures, because I don't have any more triple a batteries. They are in he flash light I use at night to read and draw>:}*evil grin* and I always have to fix Kaya, Tatlo, hippo, Gappy, and puppy. Thy always get all screwed up because they won't sit still when I tell them to. And I always have to fix Kaya's blankets.

I will put more pictures on here soon, so don't un-subscribe...but no one's subscribed, yet...

More soon.

P.S. This post is from Becky as well.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


A white bunnee

A baby blue bunnee

A pink one
An orange one
A pink and orange one being friends
One i gave to my nephew, but he messed it up, so I need to fix it...thing is, I can't find any more felt that color..

This post is from Becky.

Sculptures so far

These are some of the sculptures that I have made so far:

This is a man I made for my Librarian.

A purple dinosaur

Snuffbog sculpture

Front view
Snorshoo sculpture
top view
Pleiosaurus sculpture

This post is from Becky.

Faerie dolls

The Water Faerie(m*)
The Water Faerie and The Bubblegum Faerie
The Bubblegum Faerie (m)
The Green Faerie (F)
The Fire Faerie (m)
The Love Faerie (f)
The Snow Faerie (m)
All the baby faeries. (m,m,m,m)

*m=male, f=female

This post is from Becky.

Friday, September 26, 2008

First post-trying to figure it out...

Hi. My name is Becky, I am making this blog to display my work, and my friend Abby's work, if I can think of a whay to do this...

I make clay sculptures, Bunnes, fairy bead dolls, and numerous other things.

Abby is a professional doll-clothes-maker, especially for American Girl Dolls, (of which I have Kaya) and she has 5, I believe...or 4...

I will take pictures of my work and put it on here, and I will try to show Abby how to do it.

Abby and I would like to sell our stuff at a fair.