bunnees and bracelets boxes, and bits and pieces and barbs and barbies and broken bales

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey! What's going on? I have been working on a few new projects, laying off the bunnees for awhile. I have been making necklaces out of broken headphones/earbuds. They look pretty sweet, and it is a good way to do something with the broken headphones, so why not recycle them?
also I am making bracelets out of old toothbrushes, but I have to experiment with the kid of toothbrush to see which kids work best. I have done this before, and one kid that I know works the best are the clear plastic ones with no gummy handles or anything. I have made one before, so I think I'm going to make more. I'm looking forward to it, but I haven't had the time for any projects lately because of school, and I'm having a hard time in chemistry, so I spend all of my free time studying. It sucks, but I WANT MY SENIOR PRIVILEGES!!!! But I do have them right now, so that's good. I just don't want them to get taken away. I probably should be studying right now, but oh well, I'm not going to :) a girl needs a little leniency sometimes.
And I am also doing something with broken sunglasses. There are so many all around, so I am collecting them. I just don't know what I should do with them... my sister suggested melt the earpieces and shape them to bracelets like the toothbrushes, but I'm not sure yet. I don't know. I might melt the broken earpieces onto other sunglasses so they have a miss-matched look. That might be cool. i don't know I don't now. Anyone have any ideas?? speak up!
I've been playing my ukulele lot lately. I am getting better and better, i am very proud of my self. I was worried i would grow up and have no musical abilities except for singing by myself! But I was wrong. i did a two person performance and played 3 or 4 songs and when I was done they were both crying!!!!i was a little embarrassed, but I felt good inside.
Still no boyfriends lol :-) I've been thinking and praying about it more and more lately. I mean, I am a senior. I am going to be out of school this year, even thought I won't be 17 until October 11, so I am a young senior. I'm not saying I should be dating right when I finish school or that I want to, or anything like that, but I have been thinking about when I'll be getting married, and praying that God will reveal the right person to me.
Sometimes I get scared, because I'm afraid I'll think God is pointing at someone, and I marry them, and he really meant someone else! Then I'll have to get divorced and my life will be all messed up, and it it will not be like how I planned it at all. But that's the point. It's not supposed to be about how I plan it. It's suppose to be about how God planned it. It already happened once. I was thinking about it and praying about someone and I mean, I was really really praying about it, and reading my bible, and really listening hard and I really thought it was going to be him, but it didn't work out. I mean, we weren't even officially dating, but we were rally close friends, and I was mistaken. But God knows the future, and I don't have to worry about who He's going to pick out for me. And if I pick the wrong person, God will turn it around and use it for good to glorify His kingdom, and He will make it right. It's like that parable of the two men who were building the houses. The one man built his house on the rock and the storms came and beat on it, but it didn't fall down. The foolish man built his house on the sand and the storms came and beat on it, and it collapsed. But if you notice, BOTH houses get hit by the storms of this world. It's where we're founded that will mean whether we are going to collapse or not.