bunnees and bracelets boxes, and bits and pieces and barbs and barbies and broken bales

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

B, B, and S's X-Mas presents

Hi. I finished these 3 hats. I gave one to Savannah, took the blue horns off and sewed them on my hoodie's hood, and am still waiting to give the little hat to skylar.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scrap skirt

Hi. I made my very first SCRAP SKIRT!!!!! BA DA DA DAAAAAHHH!!!
it's my new...second cousin(?)'s Christmas present. My cousin's new baby. Second cousin? I think so...
Anyways, I'm hoping that I didn't make it too small. I mean, she's only like 2 months old or so, but she's pretty small, but I'm hoping it's nor tooooo small...the elastic on the waist is kinda tight...but whatevs. I might save that one for the first step pregnancy resource center's Christmas baby shower and brunch. There are 2 soon-to-be-mums expecting baby girls. So I might just give the tiny one to one of them, and make a bunnee for the other or make a skirt for the other and make a bigger skirt for Skylar :)
I haven't held her yet :( I feel bad. But hopefully I will soon. Alright. I will ttyl.
No pluffies today, but maybe soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bong Zeed

This is Bong Zeed. Named by my friend, and here is a body shot, eye closeup, which is actually traffic light colors, sewn on with a lazy daisy stitch. Then his little spikes...
And ya. Thats about it.