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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ooh, one more thing.

Oh, also, I have still been making necklaces from broken headphones. I have probably 6 or 7.
And I worked for a little while on altering and fixing broken sunglasses. I don't have proper plastic-melting-tools.

No name yet...ideas?

This one has no name yet. A dull body shot, a closer shot of hands, which are made from an upcycled purple glittery sweater, and the purple body, which was upcycled from a purple t-short that I didn't enjoy, and carrot-striped les made also from an upcycled shirt that I found a little too ech to wear.
A close up of his face, which is a black pupil sewed on with a blue lazy daisy, and a pink iris, a mouth that is actually a pocket on the top, and i felt the need to sew a small string of silver seed beads inside his mouth, which my little sited Ellie says are braces. A closeup of the horns, which Solomon and Ellie picked the colors and order of the stripes for. And the carrot legs, which have 3 little green toes made from green felt. Stuffed with plastic-hair-stuffing.


This is Uno. Made from felt, and an upcycled purple and black striped turtleneck, one of my favorite materials to work with, that shirt was :(
*clears throat* and uhum. Felt for the test of the body, and stuffed with stiffing. Not the food. The kind that's really made out of little plastic hairs.
A closeup of his nose(that was really hard to design), Him siting on my dad's laptop, being held by a loving sibling brother, and a closeup if his fingers and hand, which I actually sewed little snaps on, so you can snap his hands together so you can wear him on your neck.

Whittle Chub

This is Whittle Chub. I did this without any kind of pattern, which amazes most people. I just see it in my head and make it.
The spikes, which I sewed inside, to have them the right way when I turned it right side out, then the front, back, and a close up of his face.
Made all with felt and thread.
He is kindof a copy of the So So happy monsters from Hot Topic, but a little different.

Windswept bunny

This is actually an idea I stole from shanalogic.com.
But it's smaller, and a little different.
It's ears give the illusion of a very strong wind.
Front and back.


Hey :)
Thank you apple people for finally making a blogger app compatible with an iPod touch 4th generation!!!!!
Time for some pictures of pluffies!!!!!
(My new characters I've been making, I've decided that what I'm going to call them.)