bunnees and bracelets boxes, and bits and pieces and barbs and barbies and broken bales

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey! What's going on? I am getting ready for school, Seeing as I start Thursday. I am actually a little excited. I'm not that nervous, like, at all.
I am not going in the fair this year, sadly, but that's okay. Maybe next year. I was going to put my bunnees on www.etsy.com, a really cool crafting website, but it costs 20 cents for four months an item, so, that would add up. And plus, I don't even know if they would sell or not, then I have to keep paying, and even extra I think, so I don't know. Mom said I should just give them to people for their birthdays and presents and stuff. Well, I do that already, but I just thought I could make some money from them somehow, so I guess I'll keep trying.
I am going to go to the beach with the kids in a little while. But first we are going to go the library to read some books. Esther's like, forgetting how to read, and Solomon's like, teaching himself. He is smarter than me probably. He's younger than Esther, but he can read better. But that's okay. It's just not her strong suit I guess. Math's not mine. But I i really good in the reading and writing pat of SAT'S. Man, I am so glad that those are over. Blah...those were dumb.
I gotts to go. seeya!

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