bunnees and bracelets boxes, and bits and pieces and barbs and barbies and broken bales

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some stuff

Alright, I've made quite a few more bunnees, but I haven't put the pictures up yet(obviously).

I am planning on selling the for possibly $3-$5 apiece, and the baby mini ones for, eh, $2 or so, maybe $3, and the giraffes for maybe $6, and the fish for maybe $3, and the elephants for probly $5. And the sculptures are completely varying. the fairies, for probly $3 or $4. If you want to buy anything, contact me for now at liveforgod777@gmil.com for now, or itwoul be much easier if you'd post a comment, then we cn talk about it more in e-mail.

hey, I know I'm no proffessional, but-gotta go, time for me to go to bed-parents... oi!

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