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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nothing new yet

I made 4 new sculptures, but two of them won't work the right way. One won't stand up, and the other won't either. I need more sculpey. I just made them litle platforms to standon and glue them onto it. But I only have 3 little platforms that I have to bake, so I have to wait until I go to Wal*Mart sometime. I haven't been there in like, 3 weeks.
I made a few more bunnees too. I just can't take any pictures, because I don't have any more triple a batteries. They are in he flash light I use at night to read and draw>:}*evil grin* and I always have to fix Kaya, Tatlo, hippo, Gappy, and puppy. Thy always get all screwed up because they won't sit still when I tell them to. And I always have to fix Kaya's blankets.

I will put more pictures on here soon, so don't un-subscribe...but no one's subscribed, yet...

More soon.

P.S. This post is from Becky as well.

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